Estate Planning

EstatePlanningFamily Law Associates of Richmond handles basic estate planning including wills, advance medical directives and powers of attorney. Our firm will be happy to assist you in planning the disposition of your estate. We will draft a will on your behalf and explain to you how your property would pass should you not have a will. We can also draft a Power of Attorney for you, giving another party or parties the legal right to take actions on your behalf such as entering into contracts and handling assets. A Power of Attorney can be drafted to immediately go into effect or to go into effect upon the occurrence of an event such as incapacitation. Many of our clients also choose to have an Advance Medical Directive in place. This Directive contains an appointment of an agent to make healthcare decisions on your behalf, will detail the life saving measures you would like implemented or withheld, and will also indicate whether or not you choose to be an organ donor.

Should your circumstances require it, we will be happy to refer you to other attorneys in the area for tax advice and/or for further estate planning.